robot gears

Spur Gear

Spur Gear is a combination of our Worm Gear, which works very well. This Gear is used in small applications wherever it is necessary. It may be used in arm grippers or in cranes for developing small robots. Material we used is Acetylene (Delrin) for longer life.
Check the Cad drawing file, all the dimensions are in mm


Worm Gear

We lately began to manufacture for a robotic online vendor and managed to do few of the components for them. This is one of the Worm gear which took more time in processing, but finally managed to do.

Material we used is Delrin, which will make the component for longer duration. This Gear has designed by us in Solidworks along with the Spur Gear, so they will mate each other and tested manually by connecting to motors. Our Gears are suitable for 4 and 6 mm shaft hole diametres. There is also a screw for tightening the shaft rod.