Solar Fencing Metal Equipment

1. S-Hook & Z-Hook

These S and Z hooks are used for making joints between the posts and corner of fence. These clamps are hot dip, galvanized with more than 230 GSM for longer life. This is called a positive Locking Mechanism.       



2.  Reel Insulator Clamp

This Insulator clamp is used to hold the plastic reel insulator and installed on the posts for cable transferring. These insulator clamps are covered with galvanizing of more than 230 GSM. This is too a beneficial secure.



3. Permanent Wire Tightener

These Permanent Wire Tightener are used to maintain adequate tension of the wires along the boundary. Some of our special features of this component are listed below.

longer life UV stabilized.

Made with Specialized aluminum.

Can be used for joining wires.

Inline Wire Tightener

The inline hot-dip inspired cable tightener is best suited for lower stress solar fencing's and wall top model solar fencing's, using up-to 4MM cable.

Easy to use from top and bottom.

High quality spring made from steel loaded locking clip.

Works on High Tensile wire



Joint Clamp

These joint clamps are used for joining between fence wires and interconnection along the double insulated cable etc. These clamps are coated with zinc for longer duration.

Fixing Clamp