Solar Fencing Components

Solar Fencing Components

We are the manufacturers of Solar Fencing Components, hence hereby listing our products that are made from Virgin Raw Material ABS treated with Ultraviolet. Our Solar Metal Fencing components are too listed in this page please take a look.

Gate Spring

This is made from Virgin Polyethylene material with stainless steel spring. It has a large diameter of spring that extends to 15 to 20 feets easily. when the gate is opened.

This stainless steel spring is more corrosion resistant and moe visible.


Anti Climb Insulator

These Anti climb insulators are a explanation of the name that could prevent people, animals climbing the fence. This makes an alert when the returning fence wire lodges back of the insulator if someone attempts to climb over the fence wire. Large Areas are monitored through a software or from security to catch the scammers.

Made From ABS Raw Material                                                                    

Life Span More than 10 years

UV Stabilized

Holds the wire Tightly

Easily releasing, Fastening by pulling the pin

Reted for 15KV operations.


Strain Insulator

Strain Insulator is specially designed according to the Fence requirements and ideal for using at corner posts with high Tensile wire. This Strain Insulator will secure electric without loss of energy to corner posts through the fence.

This Strain insulator is for 9 to 12 Gauge ACSR wire, aluminum wire, all wires too. (Including heavy and normal duty)

Reel Insulator        

Spool Insulators are known as Reel insulators that were manufactured using Virgin Raw material of ABS or Polypropylene. These reel insulators are used to attach on poles using brackets either they were cement or metal poles with posts with 2MM (14-SWG) GI wire. . There are two to three types of components in the market, but presently we had one type and it is perfect to install on poles.


Wood Post Insulator

Wood post insulators are designed in such a way that we could quickly mount wire holding with secure. There's no need to make holes on soft wood as the screw itself goes into the wood easily.

Suitable for Farmers

Made from virgin Raw material ABS

UV stabilized

Holds the wire very tight.

Reted for 15KV operations.


Warning Sign board

This Warning sign board preferably made from Virgin Polyethylene material in yellow color as it is more suitable for mentioning that Solar fence is secured. These Warning Sign boards must for a couple of every 10 to 20 metres, so everyone should know it is guarded with electric shocks.

Your name would be printed on this board as for your requirement, please check the data here and what you want on it.