Plastic wheel box for steel clothes stand

This is one of th part of clothes stand where it uses for rolling. please check it and we will supply everything.

Back Clothes Stand

Front Clothes Stand

Clothes Drying STand




Square Rubber Chair Leg Caps

We have been manufacturing Rubber components  from long time ago, however recently started in manufacturing for Furniture leg caps too using Rubber Moulding Machines. Our Components are tested thoroughly and used Original Raw Material (Nitrile) for longer lasting life. We currently have from 1 inch to 5 inches in square, Round leg caps. When you are requesting a quote, please mention the size, material, number of pieces. The life of Rubber moulded components is always more than the PVC rubber components, so think-wise and choose the best one for your needs.

Plastic C Clamp

We are the manufacture of Electroplating Plant C Clamp too for Anodizing, here you could find a lot of sizes with unbeatable prices, please contact on whatsapp 7732070493 so we can give the best rates and adjustments.

This PP C Clamp is available in various sizes and measurements as indicated by the customer's necessities. Our item run is known for its tough development and astounding structure.

Solar Fencing Metal Equipment

1. S-Hook & Z-Hook

These S and Z hooks are used for making joints between the posts and corner of fence. These clamps are hot dip, galvanized with more than 230 GSM for longer life. This is called a positive Locking Mechanism.       



Solar Fencing Components

Solar Fencing Components

We are the manufacturers of Solar Fencing Components, hence hereby listing our products that are made from Virgin Raw Material ABS treated with Ultraviolet. Our Solar Metal Fencing components are too listed in this page please take a look.

Gate Spring


Stakes are useful in drip irrigation ase they support for Drippers and 5 mm takeoff to circulation water for the plants directly. This stake is available in different sizes beginning from 6 inches to 20 inches. We are manufacturing different sizes and with different materials for the customer needs. We have supplied to various Agro companies in and around Andhra Pradesh and now looking to trade overseas as well. If you need any products or custom products for irrigation, then let us know.

Sprinkler Stakes

Spur Gear

Spur Gear is a combination of our Worm Gear, which works very well. This Gear is used in small applications wherever it is necessary. It may be used in arm grippers or in cranes for developing small robots. Material we used is Acetylene (Delrin) for longer life.
Check the Cad drawing file, all the dimensions are in mm